Wood-look tile flooring is a smart option for homeowners in Edmond looking for a stylish but inexpensive substitute to hardwood flooring. Recent technological developments have made wood look tile one of the hottest flooring design trends on the market. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Edmond have the information you need to know about wood-look tile.


wood-look tiles in Edmond Oklahoma City

What is it?

Wood-look flooring is made from porcelain or ceramic tiles. The swirl and grain patterns are printed onto these tiles with high definition printers. Wood-look tiles come in a wide variety of patterns and imitations, from light to dark hardwood and everything in between.


Benefits of Wood-Look Tile Flooring

While normal hardwood flooring can wear down in high traffic areas, wood-look will stay strong and will not need to be sanded and refinished to stay fresh. Dent and scratches won’t be a worry either, as porcelain and ceramic are among the toughest flooring materials out there.

Regular hardwood flooring is quite susceptible to warping and stains from water damage, but that’s not a concern with wood-look tiles. They are naturally water resistant and thus do not easily warp or stain.


Important Considerations

As a ceramic tile, wood-look flooring is quite hard underfoot and may not be the most comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. They can feel chilly as well, especially during cooler months of the year. To keep the chill off, we recommend installing an underfloor heating system to keep both you and your floor the perfect temperature all year. This will also serve as great insulation for your whole home.

When it comes to installation, it’s important to hire a professional. Wood-look tiles need to be installed with a trained eye to ensure that the tiles and grout lines are joined in a way that makes the floor mimic hardwood as seamlessly as possible. The professionals at Floor Coverings International Edmond are experts at this process.


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