If you are looking for a flooring that will communicate your elegant taste without putting a dent in your wallet, the experts of Floor Coverings International Edmond know exactly what you need: Travertine Tile. Homeowners of the Greater Oklahoma City, look no further, this tile is a natural stone that comes in neutral and earthy tones that compliment most living spaces and facilities. If your heart is set on a flooring option that welcomes the eye and warms the room, travertine tile is exactly what you need.

travertine tile in Edmond


Travertine tile is one of the most reliable flooring materials of today and yesteryear. From countertops, to stairs, to sinks, travertine has been used for the sturdiest of occasions, including flooring in some of the most beautiful buildings throughout our world today. It is an excellent choice for those in search of a high quality, high functioning flooring alternative.


This natural stone is derived from limestone, attributing to its elegant appearance while communicating a sense of age and prestige to any environment. With its hues of tans and beiges, grays and speckled whites, travertine tile can manipulate a room’s energy via its subtle, mild tones. It has the ability to withstand heavy traffic areas over the course of decades. The minor natural weathering effects that grace the tile after years of use add character and individuality to the floor. Each tile is a natural work of art, making every travertine tile floor a one of kind choice for your Oklahoma City home.


Simple cleaning habits are required to care for travertine tile. By maintaining regular maintenance, taking immediate action when spills or messes occur, these tiles will have a fruitful life that lasts for decades.  To prevent minuscule weathering marks, periodically apply a stone-sealing agent to ensure the tiles remain in tact.

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