walnut hardwood in oklahoma city

You have a classic sense of style and need a floor to illustrate just that. The friendly flooring professionals of Floor Coverings International Edmond specialize in finding suitable alternatives while minimizing stresses for those in need of a high performance and high quality flooring. It is with great joy that our experts efficiently locate sophisticated flooring options that are warm and welcoming while respecting budget boundaries. For homeowners in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Piedmont that are considering hardwood flooring, we would like to make a bold suggestion: Walnut Hardwood.

About Walnut Hardwood

This hardwood floor is available to us in a variety of of rich hues and soft textures, an abundance of styles and wood variations, that deem it a wallet friendly selection. This kind of versatility makes it acceptable for a range of living and working environments. It is located in numerous places across the nation, meaning that is easily affordable and obtainable.

In the Home

Walnut hardwood is noted for its gentle texture and natural build that can catch the eyes of your guests while comforting their feet. It is notorious for its Janka Hardness Scale rating of 1010, meaning it is one of the softest selections on the market. It compares to foreign flooring options with its matchless blend of neutral tones, ranging anywhere from a bright white to a dark brown. Walnut is regarded as one of the most durable flooring alternatives, and it has the ability to hide superficial cuts.


If a low-maintenance flooring option is what you seek, hardwood is the ideal selection for you. By implementing simple cleaning habits into your Oklahoma City home, you will ensure a profitable life for your walnut floor. While no hardwood floor is completely immune to spills or messes, walnut has a natural resistance to water. Small measures can be taken to prevent long-lasting imperfections from adhering, such as immediate responses when accidents may occur as well as a routine application of a sealant.

Start Today!

If walnut hardwood is what you envision for your Oklahoma City home or work space, contact our experts at Floor Coverings International Edmond for a complimentary consultation! In case of uncertainty or additional considerations, if you have reservations that walnut hardwood may not be the right choice, call us so that we may be of assistance in finding the flooring that is right for you. Our staff is happy to help the community of the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Piedmont.

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