If you are in need of guidance as you consider flooring options for your home improvement project, consider the friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Edmond. We can introduce you to modern, innovative flooring selections that are welcoming to guests and are obtainable at affordable prices. For homeowners in Oklahoma City with an interest in hardwood floors, ash is a lumber that encompasses natural beauty and boasts immense strength.

About Ashash hardwood in oklahoma city

Ash hardwood is rated at an impressive 1320, according to the Janka Hardness Scale. It is a species of lumber that has been shaped for ladders, sports pieces, as well as hardwood floors. This wood is notorious for its above-average stability and matchless durability. Those who take advantage of ash hardwood praise its unique patterns of swirling grain because it gives this flooring the power to veil any imperfections that befall over time. Its natural beauty makes it easy to style, complimenting distinct tastes, making it a timeless alternative for any Oklahoma City living or working space.

Design Benefits

Ash is a domestic wood that is available in a wide variety of hues, ranging from a honey gold to an earthy brown. It has a porous grain pattern that beautifully stands alone, but can also charmingly display a bold stain. This hardwood has great elasticity and is known to be an excellent source of shock resistance. With a reputation for both beauty and brawn, it can confidently carry heavy furniture pieces, while naturally masking any accidental scratches by its thick grain. Ash has a stylistic versatility that sets it apart from other hardwood floorings, making it perfect for most places.

ash hardwood in oklahoma city

Maintenance and Cleaning

Minimum maintenance is a key selling point for ash hardwood. With simple, habitual cleaning measures, your floor can sustain a lifetime of messes and avoid permanent damages. Warping and molding can be easily avoided by dry mopping wet areas and ensuring water does not rest on your hardwood for a lengthy period of time. For additional safety precautions, routinely applying a sealant will also give you peace of mind.

Start Today!

If you still are not convinced that ash hardwood is the right selection for your situation, call the friendly flooring staff at Floor Coverings International Edmond for a complimentary consultation! Do not hesitate to contact our staff members with considerations concerning ash hardwood or questions regarding any of our other services. It is our privilege to impart our knowledge and empower you on your search for the perfect flooring in your Oklahoma City space. We are happy to serve the greater Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Piedmont area.

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