Of all the carpeting varieties, plush carpet speaks for itself. Plush carpet simply looks and feels luxurious. The secret to plush carpet’s super soft texture and smooth feel is that the carpeting fibers are cut evenly. While many other carpets are looped at the ends, plush carpet has those loops cut off. This results in a softer feel whenever you walk or sit on this carpet. Plush carpet is also typically dense, which along with yarn twist, determine the quality of a carpet. Plush carpeting is available in a wide range of fibers, including modern polymer, wool, velvet, triexta, and nylon.

plush carpet in Oklahoma cityWhere To Use Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is excellent in areas of the home where comfort is important. Typically, Plush carpeting is used in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas. Kids love the feel of soft carpeting, and many parents and grandparents include plush carpet in common areas and playrooms. Because of its cut loops, plush carpet is especially durable where cats and dogs are present. Pet claws can snag on traditional carpets, but plush carpets are especially resilient to animals in the home.

Designing with Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is a versatile flooring material and it can be used to add warmth, texture, or color to a room. Many homeowners in Oklahoma City particularly like the way plush carpet adds dimension to any space, and how some plush carpets imprint and flow with traffic. Remember, this isn’t the plush carpet of the 70’s and 80’s — it’s resilient, it’s soft, and it is easy to keep. Why not make your home a comfortable place to walk again?

plush carpet in oklahoma city

Maintaining Plush Carpet

Few carpeting varieties are easier to maintain than plush carpet. It stands up to regular vacuuming, although some vacuums may have difficulty with higher pile plush carpeting. Because it is a premium carpet variety, plush styles may also come with waterproofing or dirt and dust repelling agents applied to the fibers. Plush carpet may be susceptible to greater wear in high traffic areas of the home. So if you intend to have plush carpeting at doorway entrances, it may be wise to use protective matting to ensure the carpet’s longevity or use a variety of plush that is intended for high-traffic areas. Overall, with basic maintenance and care, plush carpet will work very well in your Oklahoma City home.

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