Our friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Edmond know exactly what you need for your next residential project or commercial renovation: frieze carpet. This flooring plays on the memories and feelings of the past, encompassing the comfy carpeting of your warm childhood but with a modern, eccentric twang due to its pleasing aesthetics, soft textures, and affordable prices. Your Oklahoma City home will embody a memorable charm with frieze carpeting.

Design Usesfrieze carpet in Oklahoma city

Frieze is more than just a pretty face. This carpeting is gentle to the touch with a quirky appearance that is created with tall and twisty yarn that features curls so sharp that its fibers softly folds back onto itself. The strength of this flooring comes from its robust weave that has the ability to hide heavy traffic markings while maintaining its delicate twist. Frieze is the modern interpretation of yesteryear’s shag carpet. While these floorings are slightly different in appearance, they equally share a reputation for impressive strength and excellent durability.


Our professionals suggest frieze for those in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Piedmont looking to refresh any space, from a lazy family room to a busy children’s bedroom, even a crowded office space. Frieze has a neutral look that makes it versatile. It can complement with any piece of decor, flattering any person’s unique style. This carpeting is perfect for relaxing with family and friends and also warms chilly feet first thing in the morning. When this carpeting is professionally installed, it promises a lifetime of comfort, warmth, and style.

Maintenance frieze carpet in Oklahoma City

Frieze is a carpeting that is composed of solution-dyed fibers that allow its multifaceted palette to course throughout the carpet, also giving it a high stain resistance. Its loose fibers can permit spills to seep into the soul of the carpet only if messes are not addressed to quickly and efficiently. We encourage our clients to be mindful shoppers when considering a frieze carpet for their personal situation, noting which selections guarantee the best stain protections with a soil and stain warranty.

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Frieze carpet is an excellent way to rejuvenate your Oklahoma City home or working space! Call our staff members today so that you can take advantage of our complimentary consultation or to learn about our other selections and additional services! The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Edmond want to join you on your flooring journey by either answering questions concerning frieze or guiding you to a carpeting alternative that will best suit your needs. We are happy to serve homeowners in the greater Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Piedmont area.

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