Carpet tiles in EdmondIf you are looking for a versatile, adaptable, or temporary flooring solution, you should consider carpet tiles (also called carpet squares). Carpet tiles may be an unusual alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting or traditional area rugs, but they certainly have their advantages. Our Floor Coverings International Edmond experts recommend carpet tiles for Edmond homeowners who want to create their own unique design, or for those who don’t want the commitment of wall-to-wall carpeting. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing carpet tiles:

About Carpet Tiles

  • Carpet tiles are usually available in 18” and 24” squares. You can either combine tiles of the same color for a consistent, uniform look, or use tiles of different colors to create geometric patterns. Tiles can also be cut down to different sizes and shapes for even more creative possibilities.
  • Because carpet tiles can be cut to different sizes and shapes, they also offer flexibility for unusual spaces where traditional roll carpeting may be difficult to install. However, to avoid obvious seams in your carpet, it’s best to let professionals install your carpet tile.
  • Carpet tiles aren’t as plush and cozy as wall-to-wall carpeting, so they may not work for every space. But one of the greatest advantages of carpet tiles is that, unlike traditional carpeting, they can be easily replaced if stained or damaged. This makes them ideal for commercial spaces, kids’ rooms, basements, and other high traffic areas.
  • Carpet tiles also make a great temporary flooring solution since they are easily installed and easily removed. Try them in your child’s room – you can switch them out as your child gets older and their tastes change.
  • Carpet tiles don’t have to be installed wall-to-wall. You can also combine them into custom area rugs (a handy option since you can adjust the size to your preference).

For more information about carpet tiles, call Floor Coverings International Edmond and schedule a free consultation! We serve homeowners in the greater Oklahoma City area.

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