Janka Hardwood Hardness Scale in Oklahoma City

Here at Floor Coverings International Edmond, we make it our top priority to help local home and business owners find the home design options perfect for them. If you have been looking into different hardwood flooring options, odds are you have seen “Janka scores” being talked about. To help our Oklahoma City neighbors better understand what those mean, we put together this post talking about the ins and outs of the Janka Hardness Scale.

What is the Janka Hardness Scale?

A Janka score is used to compare the relative hardness of different hardwoods. To calculate the numbers, each hardwood is tested to see the amount of force needed to embed a .44 inch steel ball midway through the piece of wood. Therefore, hardwoods with higher Janka scores require more force.

Why are Janka Scores Important?

Janka scores are an easy way to quickly compare different hardwoods. Depending on your project needs, different Janka Scores are useful. Are you a pet owner looking for a hardwood that will hold up to your four-legged friends? Hardwoods with higher Janka Scores are more likely to resist scratch marks. Building a space dedicated to comfort and relaxation? Softer hardwoods with lower Janka Scores will work best.

A Quick Hardwood Comparison

To give you an idea of where some of the most popular hardwood floors rank on the Janka Scale, we compiled this list:

Brazilian Walnut / Ibe – 3684

Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba – 2350

Santos Mahogany – 2200

Hickory – 1820

Pecan – 1820

Hard Maple – 1450

White Oak – 1360

Ash – 1320

Birch – 1300

Red Oak – 1290

Black Walnut – 1010

Teak – 1000

American Cherry – 950

Southern Yellow Pine – 870

Getting Started with Hardwood Floors in Oklahoma City

Janka Scores are important, but not the only thing to consider when selecting the right hardwood floor option for your home or business. To learn more, see some samples, get a quote, or begin planning your next home project, sign up for a FREE in-home consultation with one of our Floor Coverings International Edmond experts.

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