Hardwood flooring offers a more classic and traditional look to any home and last much longer than other floor types. Hardwood makes any house a home but selecting just the right type of wood floor can be difficult. Homeowners here in Oklahoma City should select a type that not only fits into their lifestyle but also their decor style. It’s easier and more accessible than ever before to select a wood, color and design that is perfect for your home.  Here are three of the most stylish wood floors from the experts at Floor Coverings International Edmond.

oak hardwood stylish floors in Oklahoma City

1. Strong Oak

Oak is considered one the hardest and most durable woods and make an outstanding floor for Edmond homes that have children and pets. Oak can take the wear and tear of an active lifestyle and can be repaired and refinished if needed. Oak is a lighter wood, but can be stained any color to coordinate with the decor. Some oak floors on the market are crafted to look like they have already withstood the test of time. Oak will provide a beautiful, resilient floor for many years.

stylish hardwood cherry in Oklahoma City

2. Classic Cherry

Cherry offers a distinctive, classic reddish brown color and is a gorgeous material for hardwood flooring. Its rich smooth texture is like no other and provides a unmatched character to a home’s decor, especially a more formal home. Cherry hardwood is one of the most common in America so it is easy to locate and size to meet the home’s specifications.  Cherry’s dark, dramatic color is perfect for today’s trend of a darker (sometimes even black) floor and light to white woodwork.

3. Versatile Maplemaple hardwood stylish in Oklahoma City

Maple is a popular hard wood for flooring due to the very light, creamy white neutral color that is accented with shade differences among boards. Maple hardwood flooring is known for its strength and durability and is ideal for homes here in the Oklahoma City area. The imperfections in each board offer a character to a home that other wood floors cannot match. Different designs can be created in a Maple wood floor. For example, a two lighter boards next to two darker boards pattern or the outside perimeter of the room can feature a different colored stained boards that go in a different direction than the remainder of the boards providing dimension and an artistic styled floor.

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Photo credits: Artazum