The flooring of your home entryway sees more daily wear-and-tear than any other area of your Oklahoma City home. This area of your home is exposed to heavy foot traffic and outdoor elements on a daily basis, which makes durability crucial. At the same time, your entryway is the first thing guests will see, so visual appeal matters. Floor Coverings International Edmond has compiled our top three choices for entryway flooring that both looks great and withstands daily wear-and-tear.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks

Luxury vinyl is an excellent option for entryways. Luxury vinyl is thicker than regular vinyl and often made from a limestone-vinyl mix. The thickness of luxury vinyl allows patterns and textures to be printed with more accuracy. This durable option will allow you to achieve the classic beauty of hardwood or natural stone, but at a more affordable price and with added water-resistance.

luxury vinyl samples

Solid Hardwood

Hardwood is a classically beautiful flooring that will wow guests. Choosing solid hardwood over engineered hardwood will allow your floors to be sanded and brought back to brand-new should they start to accumulate damage. Not all hardwood can withstand daily traffic and exposure to the outdoors, so it’s important to choose a durable hardwood. Consult the Janka Hardness Scale and look at woods with a higher score – these will be more durable. Hickory, with a rating of 1820, is an excellent choice. White oak, which is naturally water resistant, will also perform well. A lighter shade of hardwood will also help conceal dirt and debris.

hardwood flooring

Coir Area Rugs

Skip expensive and tedious installation with area rugs! Area rugs are an excellent way to protect the flooring of your entryway, while also adding style and flair to your home. The material of your rug is important. Most carpeting will quickly become damaged when exposed to daily heavy traffic, mud, dirt, and water. For a long-lasting and visually appealing option, go with a coir area rug! This durable, all-natural material is created from coconut husks. Give your home a rustic, natural, and welcoming vibe with a coir area rug.

coir area rug

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