edmond prevent carpet damage

Most Edmond carpet owners are aware of the standard threats to clean, pristine carpeting. On this list of common offenders, you can find spills, pets, blood, and muddy shoes. But we at Floor Coverings International Edmond are vigilant against the more secretive enemies to fresh carpet. Today we share our list of potential carpet damage culprits, and how to avoid them.

Traffic Wear

Particularly in family homes, carpets see a lot of activity. Living rooms and hallways are heavily trafficked areas, and over time, carpeting can wear down and lose its lustre. This one is basically inevitable, since there is really no way around walking on your carpet at home. A no-shoes-in-the-house policy may feel strict at times, but if faithfully followed, your carpet’s lifespan can be prolonged significantly. Consider also having more durable carpeting like frieze or berber installed in areas of the home that tend to see more action.

Sun Damage

While sunny weather may be a reason to cheer, your carpet may feel otherwise. If exposed to intense sunlight for long periods, a carpet will wither and pale, losing the vibrancy with which it livened its home for so many years. Curtains and blinds are your number-one solution for keeping carpet as beautiful as the day it was made. It will be enough to close them before you leave the house for work, so that you do not have to live in the dark! Additionally, if you prefer to sleep in, be sure to close the curtains before you hit the hay at night.

edmond prevent carpet damage

Bleeding Colors

This one is a bit counter-intuitive. Area rugs are normally a great tactic for managing the impact of foot traffic on your wall-to-wall carpet. But what you may not realize is that the area rug itself could mar the carpet beneath it by bleeding color onto it.

This is a possibility with area rugs that were colored with unstable dyes, or with area rugs that are wet. When you wash your area rug, allow it to dry completely before returning it to sit on the carpet. Similarly, to spray down your area rug with a cleaning solution, make sure you remove it from the carpet first and wait to return it until it’s dry.

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