choosing between nylon and polyester carpetChoosing new carpet for your Oklahoma City home involves a lot of factors. Color, style, and feel are often considered, but homeowners may not think much about fiber material. At Floor Coverings International Edmond, we help you navigate through the wide variety of carpet products to select the best one for your space. Read on to learn about key differences between nylon and polyester fibers.

Carpet Fiber Materials

Nylon and polyester are two common synthetic fiber materials used in carpet manufacturing. Other synthetic fiber materials include olefin and acrylic, while natural fiber materials include coir, cotton, seagrass, sisal, and wool. Synthetic fibers are more commonly used in carpet manufacturing due to their lower prices as well as technological improvements in the manufacturing processes.

Nylon Carpet Fiber

nylon carpet in Oklahoma City home

Nylon is the most common carpet material. It is superior in its durability and resiliency, which refers to the fiber’s ability to spring back after crushing. Because of this, nylon is recommended for high traffic areas such as hallways and stair runners. However, it’s important to note that fiber material is not the only factor that affects durability. Level of twist, density, and ounce-weight are also important factors.

Nylon has the greatest selection of colors and styles. It also resists staining and soiling well due to advanced treatment technology. But one drawback of nylon carpeting is its higher price point. However, due to its long lifetime, investing in this material often saves money in the long run.

Polyester Carpet Fiber

While nylon is the most popular carpet fiber, polyester should not be overlooked. It has lower durability and resiliency, but when used in low-to-moderate traffic areas polyester holds up well. Also, this fiber type provides excellent color retention; it is shinier and more vibrant than nylon carpeting. Since it has a lower cost upfront, polyester makes a great choice for carpeted areas that are frequently remodeled.

Making The Right Choice

Call Floor Coverings International Edmond for more help selecting the best carpeting for your Oklahoma City home. We offer complimentary, in-home design consultations and estimates. Using our mobile flooring showroom, we bring all our samples straight to you.

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