Hardwood flooring is the most sought after type of flooring because of its classic, natural look. However, hardwood is not ideal for everyone. One of the biggest drawbacks to hardwood flooring is the price. Those on a tight budget may not be able to afford costly hardwood. Fortunately, there are alternatives that look just like wood at a similar or lesser cost. Here are a few Floor Coverings International Edmond favorites for Oklahoma City homes:

Laminate flooring in Oklahoma City


Laminate is designed to look like real hardwood floors at a fraction of the price. To make laminate, a high-resolution image is layered on top of a cheaper piece of wood or plywood. This layer is then covered in a thick gloss to help ensure it does not become damaged, scratched or discolored. Laminate floors can be made to look like any type of wood you select and many people cannot even tell the difference.

Vinyl plank flooring in Oklahoma City

Luxury Vinyl

Like laminate, luxury vinyl is a product that is designed to look like hardwood using a high-resolution image layer. Luxury vinyl flooring is extremely affordable and quite easy to clean and maintain as well. While it may not be as resilient as real hardwood, it is durable and can stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

Wood look tile in Oklahoma City

Wood-Look Tile

Another alternative to hardwood is wood-look tile. These tiles have a wood grain pattern to make them look like wood, but they still feel like ceramic or porcelain tile. This makes it a great choice for spaces where water is a concern, such as bathrooms, kitchens or humid environments, or for those who simply want a cheaper option than real wood floors.

If you want to explore these hardwood alternatives and more, call Floor Coverings International Edmond today. We offer free consultations to homeowners in the greater Oklahoma City area.

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