cut-pile styled carpet

Infographic: Understanding Carpet Basics

It’s normal to give little thought to the flooring that rests below your feet. So once the time comes to purchase new carpet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the wide variety of products. At Floor Coverings International Edmond, we want you to be informed about your flooring selection. Check out the infographic below for a beginner’s guide…
Cleaning Hardwood Edmond

Infographic: Easy Tips for Hardwood Care

Installing hardwood in your home is an important investment for homeowners in Edmond. However, consistent maintenance is critical to make your investment worthwhile. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Edmond want your floor to last a lifetime, so we've made this handy guide to caring for your hardwood. Photo credits: kazoka,, Andrey_Popov, Twin Design, Stokkete